PHP now has another podcast to help developers new and old stay on top of their game, DPC Radio. Starting with the opening keynote from DPC09, “PHP: People, Code, Ideas” presented by Andrei Zmievski, we will release one episode every other week.

Several people have asked me, aren’t you devaluing your conference by releasing the sessions in this way? To each of them I’ve explained that I don’t think we are. The sessions are the meat of any conference and we’ve got some good ones to share with you. However, sitting in a room watching slides drift by is not the true value in a conference. The real value in attending a conference is the people you talk to. Whether it’s a core developer or just someone who you spoke to in the hall that is facing a similar problem as you. These conversations lead to solutions, friendships and life long networks.

So I encourage you to visit the DPC Radio page here on techPortal. Subscribe to the feed in your favorite feed reader. Download each episode to your MP3 player and listen to it. Squeeze it for every drop of knowledge you can get out of it then go to work and apply this new found knowledge. Know in the back of your head though, that there is so much more that you are missing each time you pass on attending the Dutch PHP Conference. There is a world of knowledge just waiting for you to become a part of it. Enjoy the podcast, but join us next year at DPC10. You won’t be sorry you did.


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