The Dutch PHP Conference is over for another year – we had a wonderful time hosting you all in Amsterdam and we were delighted so many people were able to join us for 3 days of serious technical learning (with some beer on the side of course!). While the event itself has finished, the content will live on in our DPC Radio podcast series, where we’ll be broadcasting audio from the main tracks at the conference through the year. Plenty of the speakers have already uploaded their slides, read on for a breakdown of ratings and links to slides for those talks that have them – and don’t forget to rate all the talks you saw on! (You can leave general event info too – click on the comments tab on the events page)

Talk Speaker Rating and Links
Quality Assurance in PHP Projects
Sebastian Bergmann Slides
Zend Framework Application Patterns – Part 2
Matthew Weier O’Phinney and Rob Allen Slides
Premature Optimization Mistakes
Ilia Alshanetsky Slides
Technical Debt
Elizabeth Naramore Slides
Scrum in the Wild (uncon)
Mike van Riel Slides
Working with Zend_Form
Rob Allen Slides
The Cake Is A Lie
Sebastian Bergmann Slides
The Art of Scalability
Lorenzo Alberton Slides
Graphics with Cairo
Michael MacLean Slides
PHP through the eyes of a hoster
Thijs Feryn Slides
Multithreading in PHP (uncon)
Dimitriy Remerov Slides
Database version control without pain
Harrie Verveer Slides
Writing Re-usable, RESTful Web Services with Zend Framework
Matthew Weier O’Phinney Matthew Weier O’Phinney Slides
Advanced Git
David Soria Parra Slides
Testing untestable code
Stephan Hochdörfer Slides
Agile PHP Software Development
Thorsten Rinne Slides
Starting Continuous Integration, Why and How? (uncon)
Martin de Keijzer Slides
Stress-free deployment
Rob Allen Slides
Real World Dependency Injection
Stephan Hochdörfer Slides
Embracing Constraints with CouchDB
David Zuelke Slides
APC & Memcache the High Performance Duo
Ilia Alshanetsky Slides
Where in the world: Geo data in PHP
Marcus Deglos Slides
Technical Writing 101
Elizabeth Naramore Slides
In Search Of… Integrating Site Search
Ian Barber Slides
Content Driven ACL in the Model Layer (ZF) (uncon)
Jeroen Keppens Slides
Design for Scalability with Hierarchical MVC
Sam de Freyssinet Slides
iPhone Apps With HTML5 (uncon)
Thorsten Rinne Slides
Building on Cairo (uncon)
Michael MacLean Slides
Domain NoSQL: Next Generation Models
Matthew Weier O’Phinney Slides
Reviewing PHP Code
Sebastian Bergmann Slides