Speaker:Melanie Rhianna Lewis
A web service is an API provided by a site that allows a remote application to access data and use functionality without having to ‘act like a web browser’. Consumer devices, such as a smart phone, set top box or games console, often do not have a form factor that allows the easy use of an interactive web site but do allow the download of custom applications which use web services provided by such sites.

The talk will describe how a web service targeted at consumer devices can be implemented. It will look at the different methods of calling remote functionality such as SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON and restful services. It will also consider the limitations of consumer devices, memory restrictions, communications bandwidth restrictions, and so on that have to be considered when designing a web service aimed at consumer devices. Finally it will have a brief look at how to make a service secure.


Slides: http://www.cyberspice.org.uk/downloads/%20WebServicesForConsumerDevices-20100612.pdf