It doesn’t seem like 2 years since we launched techPortal as Ibuildings‘ developer portal, but the calendar indicates that this is true! There have been some great posts on this site since then and we would like to share some highlights with you in case you missed them. Here are our top posts for the last two years:

As well as the regular blog content on techPortal, we run a podcast series featuring the sessions from the Dutch PHP Conference, also hosted by Ibuildings. This is a great way to share the content from the conference to keep everyone supplied all year while they wait for the next edition. The episodes show up in our main feed, or you can find itunes and dedicated RSS feeds on the DPCRadio page. If you like what you hear, the next Dutch PHP Conference will be (in English) in Amsterdam on May 19th-21st; we hope you will join us!

TechPortal was created to celebrate the developer community at Ibuildings and their various achievements, and we like to celebrate our people outside of their day jobs. With that in mind, take a moment to check out Planet Ibuildings, a syndication of what our developers are writing about in their own time. You can also subscribe to the Planet Ibuildings feed, if you wish.

Happy birthday to you, TechPortal, here’s to another successful and inspiring year!