02 Jul 13


Techportal is a technical blog created by developers, for developers. Focused on open source, its purpose is to inspire, educate and inform.

How Techportal came to be

Techportal started as a place where employees of The Inviqa Group could share the ideas and knowledge they’d gained from working on open source projects for leading enterprises.

As the company developed, we realised people wanted to read, share and comment on the posts, whether they were a part of our team or not. So we set about extending the site.

Still managed by employees of The Inviqa Group, Techportal is a place for all engineers and developers to share their experiences and ideas on open source software development.


If you’re working on a project, want to bounce ideas off other innovative minds, or are simply excited about something new, then write a post for Techportal. You’ll reach all corners of the community, earn yourself a Techportal hoody and receive some cash to put in the pocket.

We typically pay £300 for a tutorial-style post (min. 2,500 words) and £75 for shorter posts (min. 800 words). If you’re interested in getting paid to write for Techportal, then please first submit your ideas to techportal@inviqa.com for approval.


We’ve recently added an area for events. If there’s something going on in the community, Techportal is the place to promote it and an easy way to summon your fellow developers. Let us know what’s happening.

Can’t find information on a topic?

Here’s the place to submit and vote for the topics you’d like to read about. There’s no guarantee a post will be written on every topic submitted, but we’ll do our best to track down those in the know, in the hope they’ll share their ideas. Of course, if you see a topic you’d like to tell the community about, whilst earning some cash, get in touch.